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The value of a business exit strategy: increasing yours.

You spend all your time building and operating your business. But do you ever think at the end of day what will happen when your days at the company end? That’s why having an exit strategy is key to maintaining a successful business. And critical to maximizing the value of your business when you sell.

That’s where our strategic exit planning comes in.

Experienced and objective, our team understands how to develop an exit plan based on your goals. And having a focused end game will guide the daily decisions you make so you can obtain them. Because the more value you can add to your company now increases the probability that it’ll reach peak value when it comes time to sell. And in the end, that’s goal. One that can be realized through our following exit planning process:


The first step is answering the three essential questions of an exit plan:

When do I want to be out?
Who will take over?
How much do I want to take with me?

Our team will work with you to develop a timetable for your exit. The earlier the plan is started increases its chances of success. During this phase we will determine who or what would be the best options for a new owner. And work with you to determine an appropriate range of compensation that you can expect upon exit.


Once we have your goals, we will collect three to five years of records to determine your company’s financial strength. This combined with factors such as asset, debts, cash, goodwill and market conditions will be analyzed by our certified business evaluator (CBV) to determine the value of your business at the start of the exit plan.

Focus on Value

Using the timetable as a guide for your exit, our team will look at financials and operations of your company. We will make recommendations on steps that can be taken to increase the likelihood that your company’s value will fall into the range you are wanting at the time of exit.

We will continue to assist you while you’re working towards that goal—periodically checking in to see if you are on track. And, make any recommendations to ensure that you are.

Sale to a Third Party

Once it’s time to sell, we will take care of it from start to finish. Our team has a proven process for successfully selling companies. Including the development a marketing plan to identify potential buyers, prequalifying them, providing information and negotiating on your behalf.

Once we agree on terms, we assist in the due diligence process and help facilitate final closing. If we decide that the best option is to sell to a venture firm or merge with another company, we will contact them confidentially. If there is a potential fit, we will confidentially present your company to them and negotiate the terms of a deal.

Transfer to Internal Candidate or Family Member

In many cases, the best candidate for a new owner is already employed by you or related to you. In this case, it’s important to remain objective in negotiating a transition.

We will work on your behalf to design a transition plan that will give you the best chance of achieving the financial goals you set at the beginning of your exit plan.

We understand that this can be emotional and complicated at times. But that’s why you hire us. To be your objective, experienced selling partner so you can meet your goals both personally and financially.

Managing Tax Implications

Once the sale or transition is finalized, our team will give recommendations on strategies you can use to effectively manage taxes that will be paid on any proceeds.

Financial and Estate Planning

Preparation for life after you have sold your business is essential. In many cases, selling a company will produce a large one-time influx of revenue. Properly understanding how to protect is it crucial. And we can help.

Having a clearly defined plan on what to do with it and how to effectively use it will increase the success of meeting your goals. That’s why we are partnered with trusted estate and financial planners that work with business owners after they sell.

Because we’re not only here to help you sell the business you took care of, we’re also here to help make sure that business takes care you.

Ready to sell your business?