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Grow with confidence, confidentially.

Buying a business is no simple decision as you know. Neither does the word simple define the variables that go into successfully purchasing and taking over a company. Not properly understanding this or knowing what questions to ask during the buy process can have consequences.

So, let’s remove the pitfalls by helping you find your ideal opportunities and navigate you through the process of buying a company. Because having experienced, trusted representation is vital to a successful buy and transition. Which allows you to remain confidential and objective during the following buying process:

Identify Objectives

The first step is to determine what you’re looking for and the feasibility of it. Using our experience of the market, we will make recommendations on what types of companies could be a fit. Then, design a plan to move forward.


Our team will assess your ability to finance and run a company. Determining how much capital will be needed and if you have reasonable access to it. It will be essential to any negotiation to have proof of this early in the process.

If we decide to move forward, we’ll assist you in working with a bank or other financial institution to verify and produce documentation of prequalification. You can also use a bank of your choosing. We have connections with several local lenders who can be assistance as well.

Finding the Right Company

Once you are prequalified, it’s time to starting looking for a potential company of interest. We have access to many resources to see what types of businesses are available for sale.

If we find one or more that fit your objectives, we reach out to them to obtain more information while keeping you confidential. If there is currently nothing for sale that fits, we can do a search for companies that would meet your criteria and contact them confidentially to see if there’s any interest in selling.

Exchange Information

If we have a potential fit with a company, we sign a confidentiality agreement and collect their information. This will include items such as financial records, personal information, assets, real estate information as well as a site visit to see the business operations if applicable.


Once we have sufficient information and you have real interest in a purchase, we begin negotiations on your behalf. Initially, we use non-binding tools like a letter of intent to outline the general terms that would be acceptable to the buyer and seller in a potential transaction.

Our experience with structuring acquisitions will help achieve the best possible result for you. Once we have agreed on the overall terms of a deal the letter of intent is signed.

Due Diligence

Attorneys will verify information provided by the seller, complete the final negotiations and draft a definitive agreement and any necessary closing documents during this phase. We will work the attorneys to help expedite the organization and exchange of information, and answer questions to help save you money.

Transition Planning

We will work with you to help ensure a successful transaction and future. We can look at the company and make recommendations on what assistance to ask for from the current owner, or what structural changes can be made within the company that’ll help its success.


After due diligence is completed and all terms are clarified and agree upon, a closing will be scheduled to sign documents and finalize the transaction. We will assist you during this final phase and answer any questions you may have. Even help you celebrate this new chapter in your life.