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Wisconsin entrepreneurs: do you know the value of your business?

Most believe they do. But when it comes time to sell their business, or buy one, they’re surprised to discover otherwise. When selling, rarely is the number that they envisioned lower than the one it actually is. When buying, often it’s the opposite. So how do you get an accurate assessment of the value of your business, or another? And if selling, how can you reach the point to where your business is purchased at the highest value possible? Let’s talk.


Objectivity. Perhaps, the most crucial component in the process of successfully selling a business. We have it, most business owners do not. And that’s completely understandable. Because owning a business is more than a job, it’s fully intertwined with your life. A 24/7 365 rollercoaster you built out of determination, dedication, dreams and shear hard work. So it’s difficult not to let emotions weave their way through realities and hamper, or worse, scuttle selling a company. And that’s why you hire us.

Our mission is to keep you objective and focused on the goals. We will work closely…


Buying a business is no simple decision as you know. Neither does the word simple define the variables that go into successfully purchasing and taking over a company. Not properly understanding this or knowing what questions to ask during the buy process can have consequences.

So, let’s remove the pitfalls by helping you find your ideal opportunities and navigate you through the process of buying a company. Because having experienced, trusted representation is vital to a successful buy and transition. Which allows you to remain confidential and objective during the following buying process…

Exit Planning

You spend all your time building and operating your business. But do you ever think at the end of day what will happen when your days at the company end? That’s why having an exit strategy is key to maintaining a successful business. And critical to maximizing the value of your business when you sell.

That’s where our strategic exit planning comes in.

Experienced and objective, our team understands how to develop an exit plan based on your goals. And having a focused end game will guide the daily decisions…